Why I’m Jealous Of Logan Lerman

first posted February 27, 2017
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Logan Lerman is not an A-list actor or superstar – at least I doubt the average person knows who he is by name. To me, he’s always been that guy who’s been in a ton of movies but was never really the star of, or at the forefront of the film. Yet his IMDB page contains some of my favourite movies! So why is it that I think he has one of the most successful careers out there?

Logan is the man at playing younger versions of good looking actors or their son.

The first time I ever saw Logan was in a small role for Mel Gibsons’ The Patriot (2000), where a 7-8 year old Logan played one of Mel’s children along with the late Heath Ledger. The second time I saw him was in Mel Gibsons’ What Women Want (2000) where Logan had a very small role as a young Mel Gibson during a flashback. His role in both of these films were super small, and the movies would have been just fine with someone else cast, but come on – just being a part of these films must have been super cool!

Fast forward to The Butterfly Effect (2004), and Logan now has a small part as a young Ashton Kutcher during a flashback scene. Starting to see a trend? This guy is good enough to convince us that he is Mel Gibson’s son, then Mel himself, and now Ashton freaking Kutcher as well? MOVING FORWARD. The Number 23 (2007), Logan now has a larger role than anything I’ve seen him in up to this point, but he’s still a secondary character, now playing Jim Carrey’s son.

What Women Want logan 2

Look at that shit eating grin. He already knows he’s king

Logan’s characters have hooked up with my largest Hollywood crushes

A few short years later, Logan starred in his first major role in Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (2010), but I never saw those movies, so cannot comment on how well he fit the role. This film has nothing to do with anything I wanted to talk about, but I wanted to bring it up because it looks like a career defining moment for him.

What really matters is that he had the starring role in The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012), sharing the spotlight with Emma Watson, with his character Charlie dating Emma’s Sam and doing some kissy-kissy.

why i am jealous of logan lerman 1 2

There is a God and he loves Logan

That SAME FREAKAING YEAR, Login has a starring role in the fantastic Stuck in Love (2012), this time sharing the spotlight with Lily Collins. And awww, their characters end up together, because Logan Lerman is a lucky, lucky man. I cannot see how Logan’s life can possibly get any better even if he was cast as Freddy Foreshadowing.

why i am jealous of logan lerman 2 2

Cheers to terrible foreshadowing setup!

The year is now 2014 and Logan and Emma Watson share a screen again in Aronofsky’s Noah (2014). This movie was, unfortunately, fairly forgettable and I don’t think they hook up in this film (it was his brother that marries her, right?), but still. This dude gets two Emma Watson movies.

I think that now is a pretty good time for a recap. Logan first plays Mel Gibson’s son, then a young Mel, then a young Ashton Kutcher, then Jim Carrey’s son, then hooks up on screen with Emma Watson, then Lily Collins, and then finally spends some time running around in dirt and ditches with Emma again (or whatever happened in that movie. A flood I guess. Also, Anthony Hopkins with Brisingr).

Enter Indignation (2016). Indignation stars Logan and Sarah Gadon of the fantastic Hulu adaptation of Steven King’s 11.22.63 (2016). If you haven’t seen this movie yet (or 11.22.63), I’d definitely put it on your to-watch list. For the point of this article, though, Logan’s Marcus gets very close with Sarah’s Olivia. Lucky bastard. So what’s next Logan? Who are you going to be with next? You’ve already been with my top 3/4! Looking at your IMDB page’s upcoming projects, I see that Emily Blunt is still free from your lucky and magnetic clutches – for now.

why i am jealous of logan lerman 3 2

Seriously, though. Please stay away from Emily, Logan!

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