Top 8 Old School Games

by Dylan - first posted October 6, 2010

I turned 22 on Sunday, an age I thought was still young until today. Recently I purchased the new BlackBerry Torch (will be releasing my custom theme soon) and I love it. One of the first things I did was install MeBoy (JavaMobile based GBC emulator) with Pokemon Red and Silver. I felt like a little kid again… until I started talking to one of the kids on my block.

I blew his mind when I told him that Pokemon Red and Blue was released in black and white, as the original GameBoy had no colour. He’s never heard of floppy disks, Goosebumps, or a Walkman. Before I build up too much steam here, I just want to say that all this talk of life growing up for me made me want to reflect on my favourite and most memorable video games growing up. Here’s my top 8!

#8: Sonic the Hedgehog 3 | Sega Genesis 1994

I spent so much time playing this 2d platformer at my friend’s house it’s not even funny. With amazing level design, simple game play mechanics, and hours of fun, Sonic 3 was the first video game I ever fell in love with.

Most Memorable Moment: The Carnival Night Zone. God that level was fun.

#7:Wolfenstein 3D | PC 1992

Wolfenstein 3D was a real eye-opener when it was released, and it was the first title to get me into PC gaming. The predecessor to Doom and Quake, Wolfenstein 3D’s simple-looking graphics were revolutionary at the time.

Most Memorable Moment: The final boss is Mecha Hitler!

#6: Finaly Fantasy IX : PlayStation 2000

This was the first RPG I ever played, and in my humble opinion, the best Final Fantasy to date. Great character development with an amazing story (gets a little weird on disc 4 though). And Vivi! Awwwwwww.

Most Memorable Moment: On disc 2, when Queen Brahne summons Odin to destroy an entire city.

#5: Golden Sun : GameBoy Advance 2001

Another RPG but for GameBoy Advance. I have great memories of this game. Kind of a mix between the hand held Zelda games and Final Fantasy. Great dungeon and puzzle design with an amazing story to go with it.

Most Memorable Moment: The meeting at Jupiter Lighthouse

#4: Pokemon Red/Silver : GameBoy 1996/1999

Well I mentioned it in the introduction so I guess it’s no surprise to see Pokemon here. My Dad bought be Pokemon Red when it came out so I had something to do on the long plane ride over to England. I was only 9 at the time, and it was my first time flying alone (visiting my Grandparents in England). Needless to say, 10 hours strait later, I was addicted. Charzard is the coolest Pokemon ever.  The addition of Gold and Silver (I bought silver) in 1999 really fixed a lot of the problems and little annoyances of the first generation, and added an onslaught of new features such as time!

Most Memorable Moment: SS. Anne / beating elite 4 and finding out that you are only half way this time!

#3: The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening : GameBoy 1993

This game is what made me so good at problem solving. A great story – with a horrible ending. I don’t mean that the ending was poorly written, I just mean the gamer is sad when it happens. Poor poor Link.

Most Memorable Moment: Unlocking the lvl.2 sword for the first time. It shoots lasers!

#2: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time : Nintendo 64 1998

One of the greatest games of all time. Everything for the immersive environment to the beautiful storyline in this game makes it memorable.

Most Memorable Moment: When Saria gives you your first Ocarina on the bridge.

#1: Starcraft : PC 1998

Best game ever made to date (except maybe Starcraft II). Incredible story line, amazing gameplay. This real time strategy game is the best.

Most Memorable Moment: Poor Praetor Fenix 🙁

Honorable Mentions:

Diablo II
Legend of Zelda: Seasons
Advance Wars
Final Fantasy Tactics