Top 5 Video Game Mods

by Dylan - first posted December 3, 2010

Reading Dan’s article MODS: Have you heard of them? has prompted me to consider my favorite video game mods of all time. Since my gaming style and history is vastly different from his, you can expect to see gaming mods mainly from the emulation scene and PC gaming. So lets begin!

5. Warcraft III – Defense of the Ancients

Watch Mod in Action
What can I say? DotA is a crazy fun map for Warcraft III. A ‘tug of war’ style of game play that pits two opposing teams against each other in an epic battle to destroy the other team’s fortress! Download the map here.
4. Super Mario 64 – Hi-Res Pack

Watch Mod in Action
This is a beautiful hi resolution texture replacement pack for Super Mario 64. Created by Nintemod.
3. Pokemon Orange

Watch Mod in Action
This is a full mod of Pokemon Ruby for the GBA. The mod includes an entire map and script re-write, new main character sprites (selectable characters are now Ash or Misty!!), new custom Pokemon, new story, and new features (text colours etc). Just an incredible mod. Hats off to the creator, Sergio.
2. Oblivion: Natural Environments | BTmod

Watch Mod in Action
The Natural Environments Mod (pictured) is a beautiful mod that enhances almost everything environment related! The BTmod includes an updated journal, larger inventory screen, and an overall cleaned up main interface. The two perfect mods for Oblivion. More info here.
1. The Legend of Zelda: OoT – Hi-Res Pack

Watch Mod in Action
A beautiful hi resolution texture replacement pack for Ocarina of Time. This mod is so beautiful that I’ll let the video do the talking for me. Orignailly by Federelli, but has since been handed over to KMan. More info here.

NOTE: I will not be providing any addition information on how to use or download any of these fine mods. Perhaps I will write a tutorial some time but for now, Google is your friend.