The World Is Beautiful

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There are a lot of messed up and terrible things going on in this world at any given moment, but it’s times like these that we have to remember that the world is still a beautiful place to be, and that wonder can be found anywhere.

Every once in a while, I’ll come across an amazing photo with an attached story that shows the better side of humanity. This article contains my own personal list of stories I’ve come across that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Australian Firefighter Giving a Koala Some Water After A Wildfire

Firefighter David Tree shares his water with an injured Australian Koala at Mirboo North after wildfires swept through Australia’s Victoria state. “He kept reaching for the bottle, almost like a baby.”

Elephant Visiting Other Animals At The Zoo

Chendra is an Asian elephant at the Oregon Zoo who likes to take morning walks with her handlers. One day, she stopped by the zoo’s Steller Cove. There, a sea lion named Gus came out to greet her.

Man Holds Umbrella

This is probably the least remarkable image in this article, but there is just something so simple about it that I like. Unfortunately, I do not have a record of the source for this image, so if you know anything more about it, please let me know!

Japanese Rescue Worker Saves Baby After The 2011 Earthquake/Tsunami

A member of the Japanese Self-Defence Force rescues a four-month-old girl in Ishinomaki. Just look at the pride an joy this unnamed hero has as he looks down at this tiny thing.

A Mongolian Girl and Her Camel

Try not to die from cuteness overload. It’s hard to find a source on this image, but it’s possible that this image was taken from the movie The Story of the Weeping Camel (2003).

Girl Picking Up Books

A young girl moves through the wreckage at Gaza to collect books. I think I like this photo so much because it just snaps so many things into perspective for me. I was mad today because my closest Tim Hortons parking lot was full, so I had to drive to the next one across the street. That was the obstacle I had to face. But here is a young girl sifting through the wreckage of what is presumably her home in order to save the most valuable of possessions – books. And the best part? That does not look like the face of someone defeated. That’s a survivor.

Gonçalves Dias Receives a Birthday Cake

2/7/2012, one of the commanders of the Brazilian Army, general Gonçalves Dias, asked the protesters on strike to please not fight since it was his birthday. They abided and got the general a cake so everyone could celebrate together.

Chicago Mayor Gives His Personal Recommendation

Chicago mayor Rahm Emmanuel interrupts a woman’s job interview over the phone to give his personal recommendation.

A Man and His Onion

I don’t think that anyone loves anything more than Peter Glazebrook loves his largest onion.

Meghan Vogel Helping Her Competitor To Cross The Finish Line.

In a Saturday, June 2, 2012 photo, 17 year old Meghan Vogel helps Arden McMath to the finish line. Vogel put McMath’s arm around her shoulders, dragged her the final 20 meters and pushed her competitor over the finish line before crossing it.

BONUS: Another great sports moment was in Toronto at the ACC during a Toronto Maple Leafs vs Nashville Predators game. The sound system cut out halfway through the American anthem, so Canadians took it upon themselves to finish the anthem as loudly as possible. See the video here: This is what sportsmanship is all about!

Crowd Saves A Trapped Stranger

Photo/Norihiro Shigeta, Yomiuri Shimbun

Train passengers and railway staff push a train car in their effort to rescue a woman who fell and got stuck between the car and the platform while getting off at Japan Railway Minami Urawa Station in Saitama, near Tokyo, Monday morning, July 22, 2013. A Yomiuri Shimbun photographer who happened to be there said there was a big applause when the woman in her mid-30s, who fell to her waist, was safely rescued without any serious injuries. About 40 people helped the staff who were pushing the car upon hearing an announcement that a passenger has been trapped.

Girl Sees Her Photo For The First Time

A photo \uUlrichVonLictenstein took of a young girl seeing herself in another photographer’s photo for the very first time. Her reaction was so beautiful and pure. “I like to go back and look at this when I’m feeling down. I only wish that I could share the sound of her laughter with you guys, it was even more beautiful.”



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