Have you ever watched a movie and thought “wow i’m glad that thing doesn’t exist“? Ever had one of those drunken debates about who could beat Spawn one on one? Have you ever wondered what you would do if you were thrown into your worst nightmare? Well I have!

Enter my top 8 list of The Greatest Movie Monsters. Defining movie monsters and limiting the list to 8 was a daunting task – I mean what constitutes as a movie monster? The Troll from Ernest Scared Stupid? What about Vampires, Zombies, or even Dr. Frankenstein’s Monster? As amazing as all of those movie greats are, my monsters have to meat certain criteria. Uniqueness (there are hundreds of vampire and zombie movies), size, power, and general awesomeness were all taken into account.

8. Jaws

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After a lot of debate, I finally caved in and included the killer shark in the list at #8. The only reason that his placement was in jeopardy is because Jaws was never really ‘super natural’, just a blood thirsty animal. However, the pure epicness and fear that this creature strikes into the hearts of viewers makes Jaws one ‘monster’ not to mess with.

Care to go for a swim?

7. Graboids – Tremors

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Until doing research for this article, I never even knew that these monsters actually had a name, but they do. Graboids are giant mutant worm things that burrow beneath the surface. Not afraid of worms you say? Well Graboids have ultra-sensitive hearing and can detect any vibrations in the ground. They are also huge and fast. Unlike most monsters on this list, there are more than just one!

You can try and run to safety if you like; i’ll stay safe on this rock.

6. T-Rex – Jurassic Park and The Lost World

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I initially wanted to have the Velociraptors here, with their problem solving intellect, but decided to go with the big guns instead. As corny as it was, the T-Rex loose in the big city in The Lost World was awesome! Very reminiscent of King Kong epicness, plus the car attack and jeep chase scenes from the first Jurassic Park were totally awesome.

5. Gwoemul – The Host

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The Host is the only movie that I haven’t seen prior to writing this article. Asking a few friends for their opinions, the Gwoemul kept popping up. After watching the mediocre movie, I have to agree that the Gwoemul is pretty badass.

I’m not even sure what this damned thing is supposed to be! Some slimy, mostly aquatic, enormous amphibian I guess.

4. King Ghidorah -Godzilla

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My personal favourite monster of all time, King Ghidorah is a three headed dragon/chimera monster of doom. King Ghidorah was said to be an ancient evil from space responsible for destroying many planets. His abilities include: Flying, a breath attack, hurricane winds, golden armor, some kind of electric wing attack, and life absorption.

He was so incredibly powerful and awesome that it took Godzilla, Mothra, and Rodan to take him down!

3. Cloverfield

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The Cloverfield Monster was slightly controversial when the movie was released. The monster was the dominant force of destruction throughout the entire film, yet the audience rarely gets to see it, never getting a ‘perfect’ shot. I personally thought that this was great and worked well for the movie, teasing the audience and adding a thick layer of mystique to the monster. The visual representation of The Cloverfield Monster was also unique in that most gargantuan monsters fit a certain ancient, reptilian frame.

2. Predator

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Now here is a monster that doesn’t exactly fit with the others on this list. First of all, there is a whole alien race of Predators, and second, Predators hunt humans for sport. Despite the fact that Predator ranks low on uniqueness, size and power, it definitely makes up for it on the awesomeness rating; being an elite race of alien hunters equipped with futuristic technology and weapons tends to do that. Boasting natural strength, stamina, speed, and skill, coupled with technological advancements in weaponry that allow for a 98% effective camouflage, energy sword, and one baddass gun, the Predator will pretty much kill anything it damn well pleases.

1. Godzilla

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His title is “King of the monsters” and he has that title for a reason! If you don’t know who this is, then you’ve never seen the best of the best. I can’t even put into words the amount of pure epicness that Godzilla has. To paraphrase from Cracked on a different topic, “he is so much man that I don’t know how his testicles haven’t exploded from all that testosterone”.

Honorable Mentions: King Kong, Reptilicus, and the Kraken (from Pirate of the Caribbean).


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