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first posted June 10, 2015
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Have you ever read a fan theory that, although unlikely intended by the original writers, nevertheless impresses you with it’s devastating logic? Well I sure have! So here are some of my favourite Fan Theories that are so good, I choose to believe they are true.

Jurassic World

Owen is the “6 foot turkey” kid from the original movie

In the upcoming Jurassic World, Chris Pratt’s character – the velociraptor trainer – is the chubby kid that Grant frightens at the beginning of the original film. Grant tells him to “have a little respect” for raptors, and in the trailers for Jurassic World, Pratt’s character describes his relationships with the parks raptors as “a relationship based on respect”.

This kid from the original Jurassic Park

This kid from the original Jurassic Park

I love this one so much that as long as the film doesn’t actively contradict this, I’m going in assuming it’s true. Theory from Redditor farceur318.

Aliens / Star Trek

Xenomorphs were engineered to combat the Borg

The Borg are essentially invulnerable to ballistic and energy weapons. The Aliens fight by slashing and biting. The Borg use a complex optic device to see, Aliens are well camouflaged and invisible to infrared. The Borg assimilate by injecting nanites into the blood stream, the Aliens highly acidic blood destroys the nanites on contact. The Borg assimilate their enemies, as your force becomes weaker they become stronger. Aliens capture and impregnate their foes, they become more numerous as your forces dwindle. Theory from Redditor PrinceHarming.

Inspector Gadget

Inspector Gadget is actually an android, Dr. Claw is the real uncle

Inspector Gadget is actually an android who’s been programmed to believe he’s really Penny’s uncle. Her real uncle was in a terrible accident, and left horribly disfigured, so that his voice is raspy, and his face is terribly mangled and never wants anyone to see it. That man is actually… Dr. Claw.

Penny's real Uncle

Penny’s real uncle

Dr. Claw has been driven mad having lost everything and vows to destroy Inspector Gadget at every turn.
This explains why Dr. Claw never hurts Penny, why a bumbling fool barely manages to function like a human adult, and why Dr. Claw is so hellbent on exacting revenge every episode.


The merchant at the beginning of Aladdin is really the Genie.

This guy

This guy

First of all, both the merchant and Genie are voiced by the late Robin Williams, and second, every single human character in the movie has five fingers – except the merchant and Genie who have only four. If you look at it from the perspective of a now freed Genie having fun and messing around telling his story, it all makes sense!

Forrest Gump

Jenny gets way too much undeserved hate

She gets so much goddamn flak from people who have seen the movie. It’s like they tuned out completely at the normal human experience just because they think Forrest is adorable.



Jenny didn’t think she was in love with Forrest because she thought she was taking advantage of him the same way her father molested her.

For fucks sake, Forrest is retarded. Jenny, out of everyone who’s ever met him, knows this best of all. She knows that her closest friend and only loved one is a fucking idiot. Imagine that. Imagine for one second that the only person who was always kind to you was someone who didn’t know any better. Everyone in the world who knew about your father looked at you either as a victim or as something disgusting, but that one man doesn’t.

And it’s because he’s retarded.

Jenny doesn’t think that way at the start. As a kid, she just thinks he’s different and is just glad to have a friend. But as she gets older, especially as a teenager, she realizes that her closest friend will never mature like she does. He loves her like he would anything and everything else, so long as its nice or cuddly, like a pet or a sibling, at least in her mind. Her father treated her like shit, and there was no way in hell others didn’t do the same when they found out she was molested. She would have wanted to feel loved.

[accordion title =”read the rest”]

That’s where she gets the abusive relationship crap. She wants so much to be loved that she doesn’t understand that they are taking advantage of her. She thinks that as long as they aren’t forcing her to have sex, that’s normal. Getting beat on, pressured to drug addiction, and dragged around into whatever dangerously extreme political bands they’re into is just fine, as long as they don’t rape her. That’s why she’s so shocked when Forrest defends her from harm. Why would anyone do that if what they’re doing to her is normal?

She keeps leaving Forrest behind because she convinces herself that he doesn’t really love her. She convinces herself that his affections are shallow, since he would never be able to really understand love either. I mean really, how many of you honestly think someone who is that mentally challenged could understand the complexities and nuances of love? There’s no way they could. What they have is something simple, and Jenny doesn’t think that could be real.

And even IF she believed he could, even IF she got out of that abusive cycle, she knows better. FFS, if that scene with Forrest and her in her college dormroom had the genders reversed, people would be so fucking uncomfortable about that scene because it’d be inching so close to rape. Jenny knows that. She realizes that. That is why she shuts off her feelings for Forrest, above any other reasons to stay away: she thinks she is molesting him. She saw how uncomfortable he was when she did that and thought holy fuck, what the hell am I doing?

Can you imagine how twisted you must feel after realizing in that moment that you turned into the father who molested you? How the fuck can you love yourself after doing that to your best friend, when you know what that’s like? Would you ever let yourself get close to them again if you really cared about them?

So Jenny kept running away. Every time Forrest gets close and saves her, she runs off before she falters. She won’t let herself get near him, and as the movie goes on, she fails a little more each time. First she blows him off after the strip club, telling him to stay away. Then she walks with him in DC, but still leaves with her boyfriend. Then she stays with him in his house and finally sleeps with him, after that one critical moment.

When he tells her he does know what love is, and asks her why she doesn’t love him.

She finally gives in and does sleep with him, but can you imagine thinking afterward? Would you, in her shoes, with absolute and unwavering certainty, think you did the right thing? Or would you be afraid that you did exactly what you had been avoiding because you do actually care that much about him?

So she runs away. She hides her child from him, because she thinks he shouldn’t have to worry or pay for something he can’t handle. She thinks she’s wronged him, and the least she could do is set things right by raising a good child, without dragging him down.

And then she gets sick. Doctors don’t know what it is, but she’s going to die. Her kid is only a few years old. Can you imagine struggling with that decision to tell your victim that they have a kid and now they have to take care of it because you’re going to die? That’s what she struggles with before coming to terms with the fact that she’s happy with him, and he’s happy with her, and that’s what love actually is. It’s something simple and unconditional, and even Forrest can understand it.

It takes her her whole goddamn life to figure out that love is just that simple, and she dies months afterwards. She realized she had been running away from what made her happy, and it isn’t wrong, and she only gets so much time together before it’s over.

And instead of realizing that narrative even exists in the story, people just bitch about how Jenny is such a slut, but she won’t even love the only person who cares about her. Jenny always loved Forrest, during the whole fucking movie. She loved him so much, she thought she was taking advantage of him and ran away for his sake. She didn’t realize she was wrong until it was almost too late. 100% credit of this anaysis goes to Namtara


Star Wars

Han Solo is strong with the force

This theory centres on a number of interactions with Han in the Star Wars movies, starting way back in the original episode IV. In that movie, there’s two interactions that come to mind. First is where Solo turns to Chewie and says “I have a bad feeling about this” when he accepts the job from Obi-Wan. His feeling proves true, since they end up on the Death Star. Shortly after that statement, Greedo shows up and holds Solo at gunpoint. Solo fires his weapon and manages to kill Greedo, who Han knows (or seems to know) intends to do the same to him. In the remastered version, it gets more cryptic, because Solo not only manages to draw his blaster and fire blind, killing Greedo, but he is able to move the fraction of an inch it takes to dodge the shot.

I need to know who shot first!

I need to know who shot first!

At the end of the movie, Han somehow knows that Luke is in danger, though he’s made no mention of it, and none of the pilots (through the comm chatter) note that he has someone on him. Yet, Han is able to sweep in at just the right moment and save Luke. In Empire Strikes back, it gets more interesting. Han (while on Hoth) knows that Luke is in trouble, and takes off searching for him in a blinding blizzard with no way to track Luke. Yet he manages to not only find Luke, but to find him at exactly the time Luke needs him most. Later, Han instantly suspects something is amiss with Lando, though to that point there’s been no indication that Lando couldn’t be trusted. In fact, Lando has been if anything, very helpful and friendly to Han and Leia.

Next, as he’s being sealed in carbonite, he knows that Leia loves him, though to that point in the series she’s not only made no indication of that, if anything she’s been overly cold. As though he knew what she was thinking or feeling. Lastly, in RoTJ, Han (while blind) is able to fire a blaster and hit the tentacle of the Sarlaac, saving Lando. It’s not until sometime later that his sight returns enough to see more than glaring light (which he notes early on with Luke making a joke about sand.) The last point is how Han says “I have a feeling I’m never going to see her again” in regards to the Falcon just before the mission to destroy the second death star. In the original script, Lando and Nien Numb weren’t supposed to survive the attack of the Death Star’s core. Rather, the Falcon was meant to be caught in the explosion and destroyed. Lucas changed this bit at the last moment.

Looking through this, the theory holds that Han is strong in the force, but was never trained as such. Either he was simply too old when the Jedi (Old Republic) found him, or was simply never discovered. Not realizing that he has this power or ability, he’s simply attributed it up to luck or reflexes, without ever understanding that there was something more going on.

Who’s The Boss?

Angela’s the boss

Abed proved it

Abed proved it

Lord of the Rings

Gandalf Did Plan to Use the Eagles to Fly to Mordor

Everyone seems to love bringing up the giant and gaping plot hole in not using the giant eagles to simply fly Frodo to Mordor. But what if that actually was the plan from the start, but events forced alternate paths?

The eagles live around the Misty Mountains, where Gandalf originally planned to meet them after crossing the mountain range. The problem is that they take the Mines of Moria, where Gandalf falls to the Balrog. So how do we know that Gandolf wanted to use the eagles?

As Gandalf is hanging onto the end of the abyss, he yells, “Fly, you fools!” which everyone interprets to mean “RUN” instead of, “Fly the rest of the way, it’ll be super easy!”


So why did he keep his plan a secret from the rest of the fellowship? Simple. He doesn’t want to risk the plan getting out; secrecy is the fellowships strongest ally. Gandalf’s caution is justified as the whole operation is one big information leak from the beginning. Between getting spotted by Saruman’s bird spies, being stalked by Gollum, Pippin letting Sauron himself spy on him through the crystal ball, and Aragorn letting Wormtongue go report back to the bad guys, the fellowship might as well have signaled their intentions with smoke signals and drums. Source:  VulcanDeathGrip

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