The Best TV Show Easter Eggs

first posted May 16, 2015
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There are many funny and smart shows out there, but some of them have secrets hidden so deep that only fanatical internet fans were able to uncover them. Here are just some of my favourite most mind-blowingly awesome TV Show Easter Eggs


Community – Beetlejuice

Community started off as a light-hearted show about a bunch of failures attending community college whilst trying to bang each other and avoid being murdered by their Spanish teacher. That’s just season one. The show gets progressively more wacky and insane with each season, but still manages to provide an air of complexity and maturity with it’s endless onslaught of pop culture references.

The Insane Easter Egg

In one episode of each of the first three seasons, the name Beetlejuice is used for a grand total of three times. Upon uttering the word of power on the third time, Bettlejuice can be seen briefly walking by in the background.


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Fringe – The Observer

Fringe is a pretty crazy show to begin with as it deals with multiple universes and the ability to communicate with corpses. One of the plot points throughout the show revolves around a group called The Observers – a bald otherworldly man who never interferes with events, but watches from afar.

The Insane Easter Egg

Even though The Observers are only featured or even mentioned in a handful of episodes directly, there is one hidden in every single episode.


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Futurama – Nibbler’s Pilot Appearance

Futurama is about a lovable moron getting frozen in 1999 until the year 3000, and is one of my all time favourite shows. Already widely known for inventing an alien language, a mathematical proof, and countless pop culture references, Futurama’s dedication to inside jokes is hard to contend with.

The Insane Easter Egg

All the way in the season 5 episode “The Why of Fry”, it is discovered that the lovable pet Nibbler was actually the one responsible for getting Fry frozen until the year 3000. What’s amazing about this is that you’d assume this was something the writers just pulled out of a hat and ran with (Read: Retcon), but if you re-watch the pilot episode you can clearly see a shadow that appears to be Nibbler! This means that the writers had always intended for Nibbler to be the cause!


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Friends – Central Perk Reservations

Friends is about a group of friends – and if you didn’t know that and you’ve had a TV at any point in the last twenty years, then you’re an idiot.

The Insane Easter Egg

Have you ever wondered how the six always seemed to get the same couch at their favourite hangout, Central Perk? Turns out the show answered that for us, but no one noticed. In several episodes, you can see a reservation sign sitting on the table!


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Supernatural – John Constantine

Supernatural is a show about two brothers who love each other so damned much that they will quite literally go to hell and back. Also, there are ghosts and demons and shit.

The Insane Easter Egg

Castiel is a fan favourite primarily due to Misha Collins ability to act so naive about humans (he’s an Angel) yet be so stoically serious all of the time. Castiel has become such a lovable character that it’s easy to forget that he’s a very clear parody of John Constantine. Just look at the way the two dress.

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Archer – Krieger… uhg, Just Krieger

Archer is an animated show about being a drunken super spy. I’m sure I can come up with a better synopsis for this, but I’m too busy being the world’s greatest spy.

The Insane Easter Egg

Archer is full of awesome Krieger easter eggs including the konami code, but the greatest easter egg ever is actually an easter egg hunt.

A hidden HEX code found by Redditor aglidden generated a URL that in turn led to a YouTube video. Running the YouTube video’s audio channel through a spectrogram then uncovered a hidden message encoded with a Vigenère cipher. Deciphering that message revealed another URL to a Craigslist ad (posted by Krieger) looking for medical experiment volunteers. The Craigslist ad contained another cypher revealing another URL, this time leading to Krieger’s personal Reddit page. Decrypting the Reddit page revealed a link to Kreiger’s Flickr account, which linked to the mad scientist’s personal website,

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Logging into the Algersoft website (username is Kreiger and the password is “guest“) uncovers as many new questions as answers. Users can play games, view images and attempt to access restricted files such as (though nobody’s managed to crack that passcode yet). Presumably future episodes will provide further hints for unraveling this intricate conundrum.

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