The Best Apps and Games for the Xoom

first posted May 19, 2011
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Well I’ve had my new Xoom for two weeks now and damn do I love it! Since i’ve had my Android Honycomb powered Xoom, I’ve been obsessed with finding the best apps and games for the Xoom. You can find all of these apps by searching for them in the Android Marketplace.

General Xoom Apps

Here are the apps that add productivity or other enhancement to the Xoom. These apps include internet browsing, personalization, social media, and others.


1 2

With this app you can control and access you PC from anywhere in the world! NOT ideal for watching video or playing a game… but great for accessing that document or image that’s only available on your home computer.

Dolphin Browser

2 2

This is an internet browser for your Android device, but it handles flash better than the default browser that comes with the Xoom. It also has extensions you can add to the browser as well as a neat ‘geatures’ feature. Free to use, so i’d definitely recommended this one.


3 2

This is the famous app for the iPhone. Ever hear a song on the radio and can’t figure out what it is? This app will tell you!


4 2

This is an absolutely beautiful live wallpaper. There is a free version which is also amazing, but the paid version allows for different and custom backgrounds, extra fish etc.

Inferno/Ice Galaxy

5 2

Not into fish? These free live wallpapers are stunning to say the least. Prep up your background with these animated wallpapers.


6 2

This is an app from TegraZone. Your Xoom uses the Tegra graphics, and there are certain games that take advantage of this. This app will let you find the games that are optimized and ready for your Xoom.


7 2

This is a better version of the Facebook Chat that came with the default Facebook app. There is a ‘pro’ version available too, but I’ve never seen need to get it.

The Best Xoom Games

Here I will talk about the best games for the Xoom. Before I get started I want to be very clear. In this list are some emulators. These emulators can be found in the Android Marketplace, but please note that the legality of adding games is questionable. To save your but, only use games for emulators that you own an original copy of.

Angry Birds

8 2

I hate Apple. Thats not fare, the iPhone is great, but i’m sick of every friend I have trying to show me games on their iPhones that are all cutesy. Well…. angry birds is out for the Xoom…. and god its fun! Playing it on the big tablet screen is much more rewarding than on any phone as well.


9 2

This game came installed with my Xoom, but its very fun and handles touch screen controls beautifully.

Vendetta Online

1 20 2

You control a spaceship and blow stuff up. Really fun and some great graphics. Starts off dry, slow, and confusing, but give it time! It heats up and becomes quite the thrill.


1 21 2

A Nintendo 64 emulator for Android. Looks amazing on the Xoom too. I’ve tried Mario Kart, Super Mario 64, And Zelda Ocarina of Time. All played almost flawlessly. It’s a little hard getting used to playing with touch screen, but i’m very impressed with this emulator.


1 22 2

A Nintendo Gameboy Advance emulator. This is a ‘light’ version too that’s free. I’ve played Golden Sun and Pokemon Emerald with it perfectly. I was also surprised how well GBA games translate to a touch screen.


1 23 2

A Sony Playstation emulator. Not as well rounded as the others but still very playable. Final F antsy VII is almost flawless, FFIX is very good but just a bit slow.


So. Did I miss any? What are some of the apps that you’d recommend?

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