Rammstein Plays the ACC may 2011

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After much anticipation by yours truly, Rammstein finally came to Toronto’s ACC on mother’s day as one their Three Canadian stops in their North American tour. It was literally the biggest collection of metal heads, German soccer fans and ravers seen in one Onatrio postal code. Rammstien also did play in Quebec city’s 2010 metal festival prior to this tour. This German industrial metal band could be classified under tanzmetal but can be also categorized under the genre of Neue Deutsche Härte “new German hardness”.

Ideally such bands combine alternative metal with hard rock which in turn is fused with trans and tecno. This creation forms a kind of sound that can be thought to come from a industrial german heavy metal steel mill. To accompany this uniquly tuetonic sound is a display of flamesthrowers, fireballs and other pyrotechnics the power of which seems to equal to a tonne of tnt. Rammstien’s arsenal of other non- consbutable gimmicks include over sized rifles, the goose march,  confetti shooting air canons and abusing the dj. Their stage theratic are novel to northamerican audeience and they echo of german opera combined with a kind of Berlinian cabaret. All this influnce must come from the fact that Till Linderman is professionally trained opera singer.

They performed a few favourites older such as Du Hast and engel wich had the whole ACC singing and my personal favourite, Sonne. They also played some songs off their last album, Liebe ist für alle da (2009) Wiener Blut was played to the accompamenet of strung up baby dolls that expldoded over the stage which left the toronto audience somewhat confused. Yet After two encores and a ‘fan’ being set on fire, rammstien left the stage in a courtiuos bow and gave a big thanks to the Toronto crowrd. The whole experince leaves your neck aching from extened periods of headbanging to  their raw German industrail rythums. I as as well many Rammstien fans will hopefully see them again in Toronto soon.

Here’s footage of Wiener Blut taken from the concert: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-irRc4IOTxs


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