The Top 5 Facebook Myths and Scams.

by Dylan - first posted January 29, 2011

Have you gotten tired of ‘friends’ adding an app to their Facebook, which in turn either automatically sends a notification to your news feed, or worse, leaves a comment on your wall? Well I am! To add insult to injury most of those apps are only added by gullible ‘friends’ because they advertise things that they can’t actually deliver. Here is a list of the top Facebook Myths and Scams.

Even though there are many great quality and honest apps and pages out there on Facebook, the truth is that most of those in this article can be very harmful! Little do people know, but whenever you add an app to Facebook, you are granting that app access to your profile information. Everything from what school you go to, who your friends are, where you live, to what your interests can all be read by the app upon installation.

Read this and think to yourself, is it really worth giving away my personal information just so I can take this survey and find out which Spice Girl I’m most like?

The Scam: View the top 10 friends who view/visit/lurk your profile or find out who’s your biggest stalker.

Not photoshopped.                                              OK, photoshopped

The Myth:

None of these Facebook apps can actually tell you how many people view or visit your profile, and they never will be able to. The reason is that the Facebook API doesn’t allow for the tracking of this. Each and every one of these types of apps either just randomly generates a list based on your friends, or if they want to get smart, generate a top list based on how ‘connected’ you are to your friends. For example: the app will take a look at your wall and see who’s been commenting or interacting on it the most. It will then make the wild leap into telling you that the person with the most comments on you wall is the person who views your profile most. Reasonable logic, but severely flawed!

The Scam: Join this group / Like this page and a secret option will appear on your profile

I have to admit, this would be a nice feature

The Myth:

You have to be really gullible to actually fall for this… but I guess that shows you more about the type of people I’m friends with than anything else. Any group that claims to have a new or secret feature that will appear on your account is a scam. There is no profile tracker or dislike button. Deal with it. Maybe one day Facebook will add a dislike button, but if that day comes, you will know from Mr. Zuckerberg, not some random group!

The Scam: Join this page and get a free iPod / iPad / iPhone / iAppleProduct98x

iAppleProduct98x | Exclusive to DesignByPixel

The Myth:

Don’t be stupid. If it looks too good to be true, then IT IS. You are not getting a free Apple product just for liking a page, and filling out a survey.

The Scam: OMG this girl is sooooo stupid! / LOL student gets revenge on bad proff / greatest basketball shot evahhhh

These bleeding surveys almost never work anyways

The Myth:

Anything that has a catchy headline like this, but forces you to join their page before showing you content is retarded. Don’t do it, all you’re doing is allowing someone to have full access to your profile information in return for showing you a lol cat.

The Scam: Facebook will start charging users to use their service, unless you forward this / like this page

We’re related? You serial? Awesome!

The Myth:

This is actually not a myth. Oh and Bill Gates is closing down Hotmail if you don’t forward this article, if you tweet this article then you will find true love, like my Facebook page or a kitten will die, and Hi, My name is Dylan and I’m a Nigerian Prince.

I just realized something. Everything on this list can be avoided with a little common sense.

I guess not