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Top 5 Video Game Mods

Read this article to see the most beautiful and engaging mods from the emulation scene and PC gaming

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Avatar on Blue Ray: Don’t believe the hype!

It’s all ready on Blue Ray but I still have a beef with this film that is escalated when people defend the so called ‘honest’ success of this movie. Find out why…

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MODS: Have you heard of them?

Wondering where the future of gaming is going? Read this article to find out!

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MSN Messenger | Nostalgic Memories

I grew up in the 90’s and was a daily user of MSN Messenger. I recently changed my phone’s notification to the sound MSN Messenger made when you got a new IM. The sound alone hurled me back to a simpler time. A time when Napster reigned (and mistitled songs were a real problem) and boy bands roamed the earth.

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Video Games as Art: Visually Stunning Video Games

Almost every gamer knows that video games can be the best medium for story telling, even better than movies or books. Video games can suck you into it’s story like a good novel, while still being a visual medium like movies and T.V. What separates games from their elder mediums is the level of control that a user has over their digital world, bending the game’s characters to their will.

It is my firm belief that a major contributor to a game’s success is how the game artists depict the world within their game. The environment, visual style, and music are all vastly influential and are what skyrocket some games into the realm of pure art.

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