So I’ve had my BlackBerry Torch for a few months now and absolutely love it. I’ve been searching for lists of the best BlackBerry Torch Apps, and disagree with a lot of them. Here is my personal list of the best and most useful apps out there. Almost all of these are FREE.

Social Media

I can’t include a top BlackBerry Torch Apps list without including the painfully obvious social media apps. I don’t really use social media anywhere near as much as most of you, so my list is uninspired.

First on the list is one that is going to make people angry. Not because it is a poorly made app, but because it’s probably one that everyone already has installed. Regardless, the official Facebook app is free, effective, and one that you will regrettably use a lot.

Since I included Facebook, I guess I better include the official Twitter app as well. Nothing special, but great to send that last minute tweet to all your followers.

Useful or Added Functionality

Here I will add apps that are actually useful. Things that you might use every once in a while…

Now that we have the basic social media apps out of the way, we can get to the good stuff! Trapster is a great app for many reasons. It works by loading up your GPS and letting you know when there is a speed trap near by. Great for all drivers. The great part about this app is that it’s not only for the BlackBerry, but iPhone and Android as well. This means that almost anyone with a smart phone can flag a speed trap, making the app very reliable.

Flixter / Cineplex Mobile
Want to know what the highest rated movies are? Flixter has two rating systems. The Flixter rating system from the average Joe movie watcher, and also a Rotten Tomatoes rating system for the cinema critics. Flixter added with the Cineplex Mobile app is a great combo because with the Cineplex Mobile app, you can purchase your tickets strait from your BlackBerry!

What can I say about this app other than how much of a life saver it is when I want to know how bad the Toronto Maple Leafs are losing and have no access to TV. Live updated stats and scores for all the major leagues, and even some minors!

This is an amazing app and I still can’t believe that it’s free. Reverse phone look-up, GPS navigation, find business, restaurants, people, events, anything that you need, even local weather updates! Incredibly useful app. The background also changes depending on the time of day. Not sure why I like this ‘feature’ but I guess I’m easily amused by little easter eggs like that.


The one thing that iPhone users can flaunt over me is the extensive database of iPhone exclusive games, most of which are far superior to the poor BlackBerry’s. However, I have managed to find a few redeeming gems in the BlackBerry Torch gaming arena.

An amazing app! Its more of a service than an individual game. You load up the game lobby and then have access to many fun addicting quality games. Connect to Facebook and challenge friends’ high scores. Some great original games, and also some great clones! My favourites are: Froga (great puzzle game), Rocketman, Stonedge (great puzzle game), Longmarch (snake with a great twist), Swap Me (great puzzle game), Solitaire, Pacpac (pacman clone… but way better than the original), and Sudoku. Seriously, it’s free, and amazing. Get it.


The classic copter game. Touch the screen to make the copter fly higher. Don t hit any obstacles or walls!
Remember that game you used to play on a sheet of lined paper in class because you were bored and didn’t want to pay attention to your teacher who was rambling on about business ethics? Yeah, now on touchscreen!
Bubble Defense Demo
Ok, now you’re thinking, Dylan, these games are great, but kind of childish and simple. Anything for grownups? Enter Bubble Defence Demo. It’s a standard Tower Defense game, where you have to pop… bubbles. Many difficulty settings make this a challenging game.
Monopoly Here & Now
This is one of the only paid apps on this list, but worth it! Touchscreen based Monopoly is great! Multiplayer capable too.
Final Fantasy
Yes, a port of the original Final Fantasy! This is another paid app, but shut up and buy it. Great graphics, and replay value. Only thing I don’t like is moving on the touchscreen, but we Torch owners know that we are better than the iPhone because of our trusty keyboards!


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