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The Value of Lifelong Learning: Why Learning is Important

Learning is not just a phase of life; it’s a lifelong journey that brings countless benefits and opportunities. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or simply someone curious about the world, embracing continuous learning can enrich your life in numerous ways. One of the key reasons why learning is important is its role in personal […]

Not Illegal To Attempt Escape From Jail?

In some countries, escaping from jail is not considered illegal under certain circumstances. This may seem surprising, as escaping from custody is generally seen as a criminal act. However, there are legal and ethical nuances that can lead to the interpretation that escaping from jail is not always a black-and-white issue.

Atlantis Exposed
– Finding Atlantis In Africa

The Lost City of Atlantis is a myth and legend that has fascinated generations and captured the imagination for countless storytellers since the great philosopher Plato first introduced it to the masses ~360BC. Since then, there have been many theories on whether the famous sunken city ever existed, with the city being “found” almost every year by bored internet users on Google Maps. But what if the ancient city really did exist? What if we never found it because we were looking for it in the ocean?

Harry Potter and the Parental Figures: A Heartwarming Hagrid Story

There is much debate in the Harry Potter fandom over who best represents the father or parental figure for Harry, with overall leanings towards Sirius Black. However, although Sirius and Harry clearly cared for each other, there is a much better and criminally overlooked (even by Harry) alternative.

Fuck Derry: Why IT’s Beverly is Amazing

Derry is a terrible place; fuck Derry. But this article isn’t about Derry, it’s about why one of the reasons IT worked so well is because of the amazingly strong character Beverly Marsh.

The Harry Potter Quiz Only a True Fan Can Beat

Are you a true Harry Potter fan? Prove it by completing this super hard Harry Potter quiz!

You will have three minutes to get to the end, so answer fast.